What's my name?

Why did you name your business Lulubell? I get asked this all the time. It took me a good two years to come up with my business name. Being a graphic designer, I would doodle different names on scrap paper, but nothing seemed to click (Get it?....click....like a camera! Sorry, bad pun). I knew I wanted the name to have meaning and be something unique.

So how did I get Lulubell? My mom likes to tell a story of how she used to go to a store in New Albin, IA when she was a young girl. There, she would buy grape gumballs. It was a happy memory for her. That's something I wanted to give my clients—a happy memory that sticks with them, forever. The name seemed to fit what I wanted my little business to be about. One day, when my studio is a little bigger, I plan on having a little gumball machine filled with grape gumballs. That's why that little heart in my logo is a grape gumball color. It stands for a little memory. 

The photos below are of Lulubelle who had the store in New Albin, IA. I don't know the lady at all, but my mom loved the grape gumballs at her store. A little piece of history. <3 Images are courtesy of my wonderful, genealogist cousin, Errin.