What to bring
Anything that is special to your family and showcases your family's personality. It could be a special book, blanket, toy, or any other little props to make your session unique. For a child, this is also a fun way to show their interests at this time in their life. 

I also suggest brining a snack and something to drink. Being a cute little model can be hard-work. Sometimes, a little break with refreshments is all that's needed between switching to the next setup. 

Also, the most important thing....don't forget to bring a positive attitude and lots of smiles! 


If you or your child becomes ill...
If your or your little one becomes sick, please reschedule your session. Your little one won't be their happy little selves if they aren't feeling well. We won't get those genuine smiles, that little twinkle in their eye, or photos that show their true personality when they're under the weather. Plus, I don't want to spread germs to other little ones that enter the studio and my family as well. Please reschedule, it's worth the wait.